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Honda Grom Luggage Rack

This Honda Grom luggage Rack peerless for your Honda it is black in color and provides a rear tail light rack, it can hold both a carry bag and a luggage rack. This Rack is splendid for those who want to carry their luggage more efficiently.


T-Rex Racing 2021 - 2022

By T-Rex Racing


Rack Cargo Frame Support Carrier Shelf

US Motorcycle Dirt Bike CNC

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Honda Grom Luggage

The Honda Grom luggage Rack is a top-rated surrogate to keep your luggage close by when you're travelling, this Rack is available in blacktail or standard and is manufactured from durable plastic for lasting use. The rear blacktail Rack is first-rate for use with the Honda Grom ride-arena system, the Rack also comes with a carrying bag and rear luggage rack. This is a black rear tail Rack for Honda 125 2022-2022, it supports bags and boxes for the Honda 125 this Honda Grom luggage Rack is a best-in-class substitute for suitors wanting for a rear tail rack. It supports black bag boxes and other items well, the backpack mounts work well and are basic to use. The only downside is the lack of a dust cover, the Rack is fabricated of durable materials that will never corrode or tarnish. It comes with a rear Rack bag box which is excellent for holding your passengers maestro or Grom bags, the bag box gives a catchall pocket for your keys, formatted pages for my trump ii or other Honda Grom cards, and a built-in lock. This luggage Rack is practical for either practical or decorative use.