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Luggage Shoulder Strap

Introducing a top-rated solution for people with carry-on luggage who itch to make the most of their luggage, the brown distressed leather replacement should handle all the wear and tear of carrying your luggage. It's a beautiful brown first world war style, and it's sensational for your baggage.

Large Men's Gym Shoulder Duffle Bag & Strap Canvas New Usa

Luggage Shoulder Strap Amazon

This luggage Shoulder Strap is a detachable adjustable nylon Strap that is top-notch for carrying your luggage with you wherever you go, the strap's detachable adjustability makes it straightforward to adjust to your own body size, and the leather material ensures lasting use and durability. This brown distressed leather Shoulder Strap is an enticing fit for your luggage, it is manufactured to hold your bag securely and look crushed when you take it off. It is likewise a top-rated accessory for your wardrobe, this baggage Shoulder Strap is sensational for use when carrying your luggage. It's made of durable metal and padded for comfort, it extends two metal clasps that allow you to store your luggage for a quick and basic connection. The Strap also presents an 42" length and is available in several colors to match your style, our baggage Shoulder Strap is an outstanding alternative to protect your luggage while you're on your way. It's made of leather and plastic and is fascinatingly simple to put on and take off.