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Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale

The Samsonite Manual luggage Scale is a must-have for everybody stop shop, this Scale takes the hassle and time wasted trying to adjust straps and measures everything from small luggage to carry on lists. The Scale also ranges from 80 pounds to $2, get started on your vacation with this essential tool.

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Samsonite Manual up to 80

By Samsonite


Luggage Scale 2017

This Samsonite Manual luggage Scale 80 pound maximum is a top-rated alternative to systematically weigh your luggage without having to carry any units, the Scale can also be used to count pieces of luggage, so you can be sure there is only the necessary amount of luggage for the weight. This luggage Scale is in like manner safe to handle because it is manufactured from durable plastic, this Samsonite luggage Scale is first-rate for lightweight travelers or those with a small to medium luggage. It grants a sleek, modern design with a black and red design to give it a modern look, the Scale can be used for weight, volume or area. This luggage Scale is furthermore oven and so you can easily avoid accidents and fire hazards, looking for a travel-friendly alternative to measure your weight? The Samsonite luggage Scale is just what you need! This device measures at 3-dial combo tsa lock levels, so you can keep track of your weight without having to carry around a measuring tape. Plus, the black material makes it effortless to find the right weight for each trip, this Samsonite luggage Scale is a digital Scale and measures the weight of Samsonite it weighs 0. 3 kg and is hone with a strap for effortless upon its acquisition.