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Luggage Tags

Our luggage Tags are exceptional addition to biz store, they are double-sided, gorgeously designed luggage Tags that have a kindness. With iphone app and all you can find at our store, it’s basic to get your goods in the right place at the right time, shop with confidence knowing that our Tags will help you to claim your package with style.

Id Tag
Tags Pinapple 13430-000
Tags With 5 Luggage Loops Insert Business Card Or Id Card

5 Clear Vinyl Luggage Tags

By Unbranded


Tags - 2 Pack - Green
Holders Zip Seal Steel Loops Thick Pvc

Set of 4 Clear Etag

By Cruiselife & Co.


Etag Holder With Zip Seal & Steel Loops
Tags Label Id Suitcase Bag Baggage Travel American Flag New

2 Pc Set USA Luggage

By Lifetime


Tag Lanyard Id Holder Zip Seal For Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruise

8x Luggage Tag Lanyard ID

By Greatshield


Luggage Tag

This is a plastic suitcase tag that you put on your suitcase to keep your name, address, and other important information, the custom luggage tag is manufactured of steel, and will have at least two layers of pvc. It will be made up of a zip seal and a held in place by some strongylon loops, the tag will also have aotus-branded buckle. The tag team of suitcase labels and luggage Tags will let you know when your luggage is with your destination and where it is taking you, not only that, but it will also hold onto your date of destination and other information which will make a first-rate addition to your luggage tag. The Tags are splendid fit for your bag and will make without having to amas and scalds out of the bag, these Tags are heavy duty, long lasting and enticing for the travel world.